Your Financial Success

Happy Mango is a free personal finance management tool that helps you

Keep Track of Your Money

See your earning, spending, and savings in one big picture

Forecast Your Cash Flows

Use what-if analysis to understand the financial impact of different decisions

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Take control of your finances and get rewarded with lower financing rates

How It Works


Securely connect your accounts to get an assessment of your financial health and credit standing.


See the immediate and longer-term impact of different financial decisions on your earnings, spending, and savings.


Boost your credit standing with endorsements from people who know you well and strengthen your finances with the help of personalized advice.


Gain Access to a range of financial products from our partner institutions to improve your long-term financial health.


We do not retain or share your financial account password

We ask you to enter your financial login information once to establish a connection with your financial institution and authenticate your account.

We never see your account number

We have read access to only the transactions and balances—nothing else.

We respect your privacy

You decide who can see your credit assessment and financial data. 

We do not spam

Our business is in helping individuals and financial institutions make smarter decisions. We do not engage in spamming you or your friends. 


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