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What personal information does Happy Mango collect?

We do not collect any personal information about you without your consent. We only ask for the information necessary to provide you with the service on the Happy Mango website as follows:

  • Basic personal and contact information such as your name and email address;

  • Data from bank or credit card accounts to which you grant us access to create your financial picture;

  • Information about your professional and educational background from sites to which you grant us access to help calculate your Happy Mango score;

  • Trustee testimonials to help your Happy Mango score; and

  • When you apply for a loan or request service from our partner financial organizations, we request more detailed personal and contact information on their behalf, such as your address and phone number (as regulated financial institutions, they are required by law to obtain such information in order to serve you).

In addition to above, we may need to use cookies during your online interaction as a way to enhance your experience on our site. We do not, however, use permanent cookies.

Happy Mango does not collect the following:

  • Bank, credit card, or any financial account number;

  • Sensitive personal identity information such as your social security number (except when it is required by our partner lenders, such as on a loan application); or

  • Information about your race, immigration status, or nationality

Who has access to my personal information?

We never disclose your personal information to anyone without your explicit approval. For example, you may decide to allow us to share your personal information with one or more of our partner banks or other financial organizations so that they may provide you with products or services.

How is my personal information used?

The personal information you provide to us is used only in the following ways:

  • Creating your financial picture;

  • Calculating your Happy Mango score;

  • Applying for a loan; and

  • Requesting personalized advice.

We do not sell your personal information, send push ads to your page, or spam your email with third-party marketing materials.

Does Happy Mango report my personal information to credit bureaus?


How can I close my Happy Mango account?

Simply log into your Happy Mango account, click on “Contact,” and send us a request to close your account. Your Happy Mango account data will be removed from our primary production server within five (5) business days of your request. Please note that your data may remain on a backup server for a period of time.


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